Submit testimony to the Molokai Planning Commission HERE.

Hawaiian long time residents of Mana’e (East Molokai) are PROTESTING proposed Short-Term Rental Home (STRH) permit applications for the following REASONS:

  1. Mana’e (East Molokai) is rural area with only a two lane road where long-time residents still practice traditional Hawaiian subsistence and traditional lifestyles. This unique way of life and sense of Hawaiian place is being threatened by the inundation of Short Term Rental Home permits.
  1. There are very few STRH’s in the permit application process or in operation that lists an owner with a Hawaii residency. Because the current zoning code affords owners the option of utilizing their properties as “income vacation rentals” there is no desire by the owners to be a part of our community.
  1. Non-resident property owners seeking to operate an STRH, buy in East Moloka’i because they can market and exploit Hawaiian traditional lifestyles, a Hawaiian sense of place, and features of our rural community which compromises the integrity of rural subsistence living.
  1. Short Term Rental Homes reduce the availability of and potential for affordable long-term housing by making home prices no longer affordable to the average income of a Molokai family.
  1. Short Term Rental Homes and Vacation rental homes are essentially small hotels that are allowed to operate in areas where hotels aren’t usually allowed to operate. There are legitimate hotel/condominium accommodations (including in Mana’e) in operation and available for visitor lodging that offer adequate room accommodations for visitors, employment for residents and many of which are rarely (if ever) at full capacity.
  1. The Vast Majority of Mana’e (East Molokai) lands are zoned agricultural and conservation. The relative ease of acquiring permitting has allowed STRH’s to penetrate and multiply in our rural AG communities with no sign of slowing down, no sign of any restraint or restriction – clearly a contradiction of the principal intentions of Ag and Conservation zoning.
  1. Short Term Rental Homes commercializes residential property in an Agriculture/Rural area encouraging residential subdividing and development which directly conflicts and goes against the protections and purposes for designating and zoning an area rural/agricultural.
  1. STRH permitting and operability in Mana’e is still pursuable to landowners and potential buyers making Mana’e more desirable to buyers, which increases valuations, drives up taxes, again challenging the effectiveness of one of the primary purposes of Ag zoning.


  1. Submit testimony to the Molokai Planning Commission HERE.

  2.  Attend the next Molokai Planning Commission Meetings on April 21, Friday at 9am at Mitchell Pau’ole Center.

  3.  Attend the Molokai Planning Commission Meetings on April 26, Wednesday at 11 am at Mitchell Pau’ole Center.  Click here to download the Agenda.

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One thought on “MALAMA MANA’E

  1. I have been trying to gather support from all islands to support HB2605 at the legislature which has turned into a very good bill for giving counties the tools to enforce vacation rental zoning rules with the help of Senator Wakai. It is in conference committee and only has to survive the members of the house trying to change it to allow more vacation rentals. Specifically Richard Onishi from Hilo/Volcano. I started a community group on North Shore Oahu, Friend Against Illegal Rentals, F.A.I.R. We have spread around the island and participate at the legislature, Oahu city council, and do grassroots info collection and community engagement. Check out our website (still a work in progress) to see what we’re all about. I have a graphic I made for our current call to action that I would like to send to you and also to ask your help getting the word out on Moloka‘i about this bill and how close it is to passing which would help enforcement. The enforcement branch of all 4 county’s planning departments supported the bill in its current form.


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